10 #TwitterTips most don’t know

Not a day goes by that I don’t check out the Twitter world.  Follow & Tweet me @tmahy. In talking with people about twitter and sharing some helpful hints, I find many people only know the basics.  There is much excitement when I share a simple tip or tool that will make their twitter feed more exciting.  Here are my top 10 tips for you to try out on your next tweets.

10. When starting a tweet with @user, you are sending that user your tweet directly and it will not show up on many’s twitter feeds.  Try adding a period before the @user if you wish for your tweet to be publicly sent.

9. Have a message longer than 140 characters?  Try uploading a video message right to your tweet to a max of 2 minutes and 20 seconds. Plus you can still add your 140 characters.

8. Try logging into tweetdeck.com

  • Monitor multiple timelines
  • Schedule Tweetsmodal1
  • Use Alerts
  • Filter Searches
  • Build custom timelines for your website
  • Use Keyboard shortcuts
  • Mute Users or Terms
  • No Need to Refresh
  • Manage Multiple users to one Twitter Account

7. Become friends with your Twitter search feature and the filters it offers.  Search for your favourite terms, hashtags, web address etc.  Filter by Tweets, People, Photos, Video, Periscopes, or news.  View search results from everyone or just people you follow. View search results from people everywhere or from people near you.  Even save your search filters to go back to it later.  If you are really looking to dig deep into your search be sure to use the Advanced Search.advancedtwittersearch

6. push20pin20png203Pin your favourite tweet or a promotional tweet to the top of your feed.  Just don’t forget to change your pinned tweet if your message has expired.

5.  Reading news stories or articles on different sites?  Most sites use a share button or tweet button to easily share their story. tweet-button Use It! This button is the easiest way for you to get the share the proper web link with your twitter followers.  It also helps the site to track their shares on a particular link, without the worry of Dark Social (Read Everything You Need To Know  About Dark Social on the Hootsuite Blog).  

4. @TwitterMoments was a great addition to the twitter feed since the feature was added in 2015.  Now you can create your own collection of tweets in your own Twitter Moments. It is a great way to collect your favourite tweets on a specific topic or from an event.  Have fun building your story by creating and sharing moments with your followers. Need support, read about Creating Moments on the Twitter Blog.

3. Save yourself some character space by tagging users on your photo rather than mentioning them in your tweet.  You can mention up to 10 users.tagtwitterimage

2.  Do you struggle to read many tweets in your main feed?  Try building a Twitter List to group users with the same topic to see a different news feed.  Take Media for instance, you can group all the news venues in your city to see whats making the news in a certain area.  You don’t even have to follow an account to add them to your list.  You also have the ability to make your list private for yourself or public so that others can subscribe to it.

Here it is…My Number 1 Twitter Tip


Don’t just click the like button or the re-tweet button.  Try replying to some tweets to build a conversation.  Thank someone for sharing a story, give your thoughts and feedback, provide assistance to those asking questions.  The other way to engage is by quoting a tweet instead of just re-tweeting.

Thank you for reading up on my Twitter tips, I hope that you learned something new. Share in the comments what tools you will be trying out or other tips that were not in my top ten for everyone to learn from.  Or yes, you can tweet me your thoughts, tips or questions to @tmahy.

Happy Tweeting!


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